Sacred Self

Group Experience

A six-week journey towards operating as your most sacred self

With Dr. Tiffany D. Pogue

When: Begins June 11 (6 weeks)

Where: Zoom (I'll provide link)

Why: Because you deserve to feel as sacred as you are!


Registration is limited!

A pic of Tiffany D Pogue in a head wrap and bright colors smiling at camera.

Hey! I'm Dr. Tip, and I'm happy you've clicked on this page. I'm especially excited if....

  • You want to be in community with more like minded women but don't know how to meet them.⁣
  • You want to change your life but don't know where to start.⁣
  • There are things you want to do and to manifest but you're unsure of the first step.⁣
  • You're tired of chasing the dream someone else created for you instead of your own.

If these things sound like you, I've created the Sacred Self Group Experience to help. Much like you, I know that there is more to life than many of us presently experience and I truly believe that by becoming more intentional about seeing (and treating!) ourselves as sacred can help us get everything we want.

This class is for you if...

  • There is a part of you that knows you deserve the royal treatment from others (and especially from yourself!)
  • You feel stagnated in your present circumstance and you know there is more to life
  • You recognize the need to operate in greater self-love and care.
  • You want a more holistic existence but don't know where to start
  • You want to connect to a community of women in the pursuit of more health and peace


Dr. Tip smiles at the camera and a play button is on her face.

You deserve veneration and honor--especially from you.


Live Sessions

Engage Dr. Tip and fellow group members as we discuss elements of sacred living and collectively reflect on strategies for holistic success


You'll receive weekly worksheets and homework assignments that will help you identify yourself as a sacred being capable (and worthy) of much

Building Your Routine

We will discuss the elements of an informed routine of self-care and self love based on scientific and cultural practices

Share Community

You'll connect to a supportive community of like-minded women determined to move through this world as sacred women

Reflective Q&As

The end of every group session will include a reflective Q&A experience to unpack the week's lessons and the previous week's homework

Coaching Call

Every participant will receive a private on-on-one call with Dr. Tip to customize the work

Practical Application

Each group member will design, implement, and analyze their experience from a fully customized sacred self routine

Getting Feedback

To ensure the course remains useful, group members will evaluate the content weekly

Not sure you can do this? I've got a story for you...

I remember when I was in a dead-end call center job wishing I could have the freedom (and funds) to explore the world. It felt like I couldn’t make anything happen in my life. I felt stagnant and unfulfilled. Then, one day it all changed. ⁣

I came home from work on a Tuesday, plopped down on my sofa and flipped on the TV. I ended up watching a documentary called “A Long and Mighty Walk” featuring historian John Henrik Clarke recounting the history of Black folks from the beginning of time up until the time the documentary was recorded. I was amazed. And, most importantly, I was INSPIRED! ⁣

I decided right then and there to return to school, finish my undergraduate degree and do whatever I could to share the energy that that documentary gave me with others. I completed a Master’s and Doctorate degrees from top schools, have travelled the world, written books, and serve my community through my non-profit work and mentorship. ⁣

I now know that when we learn more about ourselves, any pivot we want to make is possible. As a certified life coach, podcaster, and scholar I work with Black women using history, culture, and Black spirituality to help them achieve their ultimate goals of holistic success. ⁣

So... are you in?